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MPR 2000, MPC 2000


Products > Motor Protection Relays > MPR,C 2000
MPR 2000, MPC 2000
Digital Motor Protection Relay

The MPR 2000 monitors three phase & ground currents, voltages, and

temperature inputs to provide one of the most comprehensive motor

protectionpackages available. Wth up to 10 temperature sensors,

the MPR 2000 monitors as many as 39 programmable protective

functions. It is ideal for high voltage motors, large low voltage motors,

and applications where full protection and advanced warning is crucial,

such as in the process and chemical industries.

MPC 2000   Digital Motor Protection and Control Relay

Similar to the MPR 2000 except that it also incorporates advanced
control capabilities for all types of starting methods, including soft
starters and variable frequency drives.
The MPC 2000 has been specifically designed for integration into
motor management systems in chemical, petrochemical and other
process systems.

Motor Protection And Control

  1. Max start time
  2. Too many starts
  3. Undercurrent pre-alarm
  4. Undercurrent trip
  5. Load increase
  6. Stall protection
  7. Short circuit
  8. Overload
  9. Earth Fault pre-alarm
10. Earth Fault trip
11. Unbalance current alarm
12. Unbalance current trip
13. Thermal pre-alarm
14. Thermal trip
15. Under-voltage
16. Over-voltage pre-alarm
17. Over-voltage trip
18. Phase loss
19. Phase sequence
20. Temp. 1 Pre-alarm and trip (separate setting is available for temp sensor trip)
21. Temp. 2 Pre-alarm and trip
22. Temp. 3 Pre-alarm and trip
23. Temp. 4 Pre-alarm and trip
24. Temp. 5 Pre-alarm and trip
25. Temp. 6 Pre-alarm and trip
26. Temp. 7 Pre-alarm and trip
27. Temp. 8 Pre-alarm and trip
28. Temp. 9 Pre-alarm and trip
29. Temp. 10 Pre-alarm and trip

Each protection can be designated as:
    * Trip (or Trip Fail-safe)
    * Alarm Fail-safe
    * Auto Reset
    * Panel Reset
    * Comm. Reset


Discrete Logic Inputs (MPC 2000 Only):
  * Local Start A/B
* Local/Remote
* PLC Reset
* Speed Switch
* Isolator
* External Faults 1,2,3
* Contactor A/B Aux Relay
* Local Stop
* PLC/Serial Port
* PLC Control
* Plant Interlock
* Contactor A/B Status


Full access through : RS485 with Modbus protocol

True R.M.S. Measurements

* Voltage, Current, and Resistance at sampling rate of 0.5msec
* Available with 10 RTDs or 3 Thermistors and 2 RTD's

Outputs - 4 Relays

* Programmable for Overload, KWHR (energy) Pulse Initiator, or Slave for Alarm
* Earth Fault
* Alarm (Fail Safe)
* Trip (Fail Safe)

Displays - LCD

Measured data :
   Voltage - phase to phase
   Voltage - phase to neutral
   Current each phase
   Earth fault current
   Resistance each RTD/Thermistor
   Power Factor

Calculated data :
   Motor current in % of FLC
   Thermal capacity
   Time to trip
   Time to start (after fault)
   Unbalanced current

Statistical data :
   Total run time
   Total number of starts
   Total number of trips
   Last start time period
   Last start current peak

Fault data :
   Last trip
   Last alarm
   Trip current each phase
   Trip earth fault current
   Trip voltage (each phase)

Displays - LED's (MPR)

* On
* Stopped
* Starting

* Running
* O/L Trip
* E/F Trip

* Alarm
* Trip
* Internal Failure

Displays - LED's (MPC)

* On
* Stopped
* Starting
* Running
* Contactor A
* Contactor B
* Alarm
* Trip
* Internal Failure

Typical Applications

* High voltage and large low voltage motors
* Motors in the Process Industry
* Critical motors requiring special protection and/or supervision

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